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Herb's Half Case Wine Club

Jun 2018

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As we enter summer. I've selected some transitional wines - not too heavy and not too light. All of them go particularly well with rain. Enjoy!
Father's Day is just around the corner and Herb's Wine Club or a DPS Gift Certificate, which can be used for one of our many Single Barrels, makes an excellent Father's Day present! Just ask for them at the register.

Cheers, Herb

Mark your calendars for the DPS/Pinewood Van Winkle Charity Tasting and Auction - April 8 & 9. Details and ticketing info coming shortly.

P.S. - My non-Wine Club selection for the month is actually a request – as we head into summer, could you please try an APERITIF at home or at your favorite bar. Cocchi Americano and soda, Spanish sweet vermouth over ice with an orange peel, Campari and soda, Amaro and soda…I could go on forever. They’re low in alcohol, very refreshing and, I promise, will help you to unplug from your electronics and either enjoy some solitude or experience delightful conversation with a co-imbiber!

2017 Conde Villar Vinho Verde Rosé (Vinho Verde, Portugal)
Tasting Notes: The Vinho Verde DOC is located in northwest Portugal and produces more wines that you’d think - for example, this Rose, which is a blend of equal parts Espadeiro and Touriga Nacional (one of the main grapes used for port). I like it because it's a bit leaner than the typical Provence Rose and has a bit of complexity. The Conde Villar has a crisp, red fruit aroma. There's pleasantly tart strawberry fruit on the palate with a nice hint of mineral. It's bright throughout, but the fruit holds up. The finish is clean with more bright, red fruits and medium length.

Food Pairing: Rose has become the new "porch pounder" and I'm all for it. Although in this case, with a higher acid profile, the Conde Villar will pair well with fried chicken and spicy dishes. Given the fruit and acidity, your options for pairing are open ended.

2016 Lone Birch Chardonnay (Yakima Valley, Washington)
Tasting Notes:This is the perfect Chardonnay as we enter the warmer months. Sunshine is not an issue in Washington's Yakima Valley, so there's plenty of ripe fruit. This example has an aroma of crisp, fresh tropical and stone fruits. It's bright and fresh on the palate with predominantly tangerine flavors and tart stone fruits in the background. There's medium weight on the palate, so it's not too light. The finish shows a bit of soft citrus fruits, orchard fruit and decent length.

Food Pairing: This Chardonnay has a lot of fruit and no oak, so it can be served by itself or as a starter wine for your next party. Otherwise, I'd keep the food choices on the lighter-bodied side. Try to pair this white with lighter chicken and pork dishes or salads.

Evolution #9 White e20 (American)
Tasting Notes:This is the 20th edition of this multi-state (I’m assuming Oregon and Washington grapes), multi-vintage, eight grape, hugely successful, white blend. It’s a unique wine and a real work of art because it takes A LOT of effort to make an eight grape blend taste this good. This white has a lemon curd aroma with waxy notes. I highly recommend letting this warm a bit before serving to release some of the nuanced flavors. On the palate, I found an interesting combination of citrus fruit and fruit cocktail, crisp and ripe all at the same time, with a touch of floral notes. There is a lot for the palate to experience with each sip. The finish leans towards melon fruit, more floral notes and decent length.

Food Pairing: This is quite enjoyable by itself, since it has so many flavors. Otherwise, pair with lighter salads, fish or shellfish and light chicken dishes

2016 7 Moons Red Blend (California)
Tasting Notes: 7 Moons red blend uses seven grapes. Coincidence? Discuss amongst yourselves. Regardless, this Syrah and Merlot-heavy blend is a great everyday red. Once it opens a bit (I recommend 15 min. of aeration before serving), I find a mélange of berry fruits leaning towards darker red berries. This fruit is pleasantly fresh on the palate with brambly berry fruit, light spice notes and just enough acidity. The finish has medium-tannins, concentrated berry fruits and good length.

Food Pairing: This everyday red can pair with most medium-bodied, everyday dishes. You might want to avoid anything too light or too heavy.

2014 San Felice Tenuta Perolla Toscana (Italy)
Tasting Notes:This is a unique Tuscan blend because it's mostly Merlot (50%) with Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), Ciliegiolo (20%) and Sangiovese (10%). I like it because it's not as dry as most Tuscan reds. This example has a dark cherry fruit aroma with meaty spice notes. I found soft cherry fruit on the palate with cedar notes, hints of earth and a pleasantly dry backbone. This wine has nice complexity - there's a lot of different flavors swirling around - and nice acid balance. The finish is good with more cherry fruit, hints of vanilla, medium tannins and nice length.

Food Pairing: Here's your pizza wine for the month. This Tuscan red will also pair well with most weekday meals - burgers, pasta, etc

2016 Trivento Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Mendoza, Argentina)
Tasting Notes: Holla, for structure! OK, a bit lame for a rallying cry, but it’s all I have in my one man crusade to promote some acidity in Cabernet. This beauty from the Mendoza region in Argentina has it, and is a SOLID everyday drinking Cab. It has a sweet, baked cherry aroma with nice structure on the palate. I found earthy cherry/berry fruit, lithe texture and good acidity. The finish showed fresh-picked cherry fruit, nice brightness and medium tannins and length. I’m finding more and more Argentine Cabs that have impressive price/quality ratios.

Food Pairing: This red has flavor and acidity, so it’s fine to ramp up the body of the food. Beef or lamb dishes will pair nicely with this Cabernet.