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Creative Loafing Critics Pick “Best Liquor Store - Decatur Package Store”

You could argue that what makes a liquor store great is volume; the more bottles on the shelves the better. But you’d be wrong. What really makes a liquor store shine is the passion and purpose behind it. More specifically, the people. For more than a decade now, DECATUR PACKAGE STORE owner Herb Chereck has labored to ensure that his shop is stocked with all manner of world-class beers, wines, and spirits. Armed with encyclopedic knowledge and endless enthusiasm, Chereck and his staff oversee the most thoughtful, diverse, and interesting booze selection in town all while maintaining an air of unpretentious approachability. Here you’ll find all the big name brands as well as trendy bottles of bitters, amaros, and esoteric spirits. There’s a growing selection of craft sake and shochu, and Decatur Package boasts one of the most robust value wine portfolios in town. Whether you’re looking to impress your foodie friends with fancy cocktails or just looking for a great bottle of red to drink with dinner, Decatur Package has your back. Joeff Davis, Creative Loafing Sept. 15, 2016 .

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Highland Brewing Co’s
Cold Mountain
Monk’s Mead

My non-Wine Club selections for the month aren’t wine, but beer and the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, mead. The 20th anniversary of Highland Brewing Co’s Cold Mountain is a great choice for one of our last winter nights. It’s a spiced winter ale that has a malty body and light hops and is one of my favorite seasonals. Monk’s Mead. is my next choice. It’s made locally and offers a taste of the past with effervescent honey flavors that turn drier on the finish, like a dry honey champagne

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